About Project


Project idea was born through cooperation of Centre for Modern Education (SK) and Secondary Technical School of Jana Jonasa from Bratislava, while working together on the process of evaluating the tools for language learning for VET students, accessible on a Slovak school market. After the students of the schools started to use the online portal for general language learning, developed for general education, together with the teachers from the school we realized that the young students, acquiring the skills for direct labour market access, would need to develop not only basic communication skills in foreign language, but, at first place, language skills related to their field of study - vocation, they have chosen.

After the common discussion a big need for covering the gap of the absence of teaching materials, focused on combining the acquisition of skills from both communication in foreign language and technical vocational subject, that would be accessible for both teachers and their students, on the Slovak school market, was realised.

From this reason, we decided to create a partnership network of educational institutions, with the aim to help addressing this issue and providing one of the possible solutions.


26/11/2010 Meeting
Final International Partner Group Meeting, Bratislava

25/11/2010 Final conference
Final project event with the purpose of dissemination of project results, Bratislava, Slovak republic

14/10/2009 Meeting
October 14-16th - International Partner Group Meeting, Prague